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The 8-bit, fantasy, randomised,
dragon-slaying card game

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Pixel Clash is a simple and fun card game - and it's the first to be developed by Pixel8 Games. In Pixel Clash, 1-6 people can work alone or fight as a team to take down a deadly Dragon [before it takes you down first!]

Players draw and play "Melee", "Ranged", "Spell", "Idea", "Response" and "Power Gem" cards against the Dragon and its assortment of Minions [including Witches, Spiders, Trolls and more].

This fun fantasy pixel art game is full of light strategy, random outcomes and enough variation to make for lots of replayability [alone or in a group] - we hope you enjoy it!

Pixel Clash - Card Showcase Pixel Clash - Card Showcase

Pixel Clash launched on Kickstarter on September 8th 2021 - keep reading below for details on how you can purchase a copy of the game:

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We're proud to announce that our Pixel Clash Kickstarter campaign has been successfully funded!


You can no longer back our Kickstarter campaign - but don't worry, you can still get a copy for a short time!

The links below allow you to make a late pledge - this means you can back our project through this website, and you'll receive your selected reward from March 2022 along with our Kickstarter backers!


Pixel Clash - Print & Play:

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Pixel Clash - Physical:

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If you want to check out the [now finished] Kickstarter campaign page, use the link below:


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how to play - basic game mode

Game setup steps:

Firstly, you'll need to setup the game - the instructions are pretty simple [and the game setup visual should help too]:

  1. Each person selects 1 Player card and places it in front of themselves [face-up]. 1-6 people can play [the game is harder to win with less Players].
  2. Place a 6 sided dice on each Player card to represent the Player's HP [starting with 6 HP].
  3. Place 1 Dragon card in the center [face-up]. The Red Dragon is the easiest to defeat, while the other Dragons provide more of a challenge.
  4. Place the Dragon HP card next to the Dragon card and use the HP Token to track the Dragon's HP [see the Dragon HP section for details].
  5. Shuffle all Player Action cards to create the Player Action Deck, and place in the center [face-down].
  6. Shuffle all Minion cards to create the Minion Deck, and place in the center [face-down].
  7. Set aside the Game Over Dragon Action card.
  8. Select 14 random Dragon Action cards. Shuffle together, and place the Game Over card at the bottom to create the Dragon Action Deck. Place in the center [face-down].
  9. Each person draws 2 cards from the Player Deck to create their hand, and then start playing!

Pixel Clash - Game Setup Visual


Once you're all setup, you can begin playing. The goal is simply to defeat the Dragon [reduce its HP to 0 HP] before it kills all of the players [or draws the 'Game Over' card] - if either of these happen, all Players lose!

Each round, complete the following steps [A-E] in order:

  1. Each Player draws 1 card from the Player Deck.
  2. Each Player must select and play 1 Player Action card from their hand [face-up]. You may draw a 2nd card instead of playing a card from your hand.
  3. Draw 1 Dragon Action card from the Dragon Deck [face-up next to the Dragon].
  4. Resolve the effects and abilities of Dragon, Player, Dragon Action, Player Action and Minion cards in descending priority order [7 first, 1 last]. If a card does not have a priority number, its effect occurs at all times or when the card's details allow it.
  5. Finally, move the resolved Player Action cards to the discard pile - Minion cards remain until defeated and Dragon Action cards can be stacked face-up.
Pixel Clash - Game Rules Visual

On top of these rules, the full instructions are included in each copy of Pixel Clash.


+ Can I get free delivery?

If you live local to us [PE30 postcode in the UK - King's Lynn area] then we will deliver your parcels personally and fully refund your delivery charge. For all other locations, delivery fees are required [but fully cover any import tax and duty - there will be no hidden charges].

+ Can I play alone?

Yes - the basic instructions [for the basic game mode] can be played by 1 - 6 players. If playing alone, you can control a single Player card [and set the Dragon's HP to 12 HP] or control multiple Player cards [staring with a hand of 2 cards per Player, drawing 1 card each round per Player and Playing 1 card each round per Player].

+ What are the numbers and arrows on some cards?

They are the Priority numbers; they range from 1 - 7. Once Players have selected the cards to play, and the Dragon Action card has been drawn, all of the cards are then resolved [their effects are fulfilled]. This can get confusing, so the priority number shows the order that card effects happen - all 'Priority 7' cards first, then all 'Priority 6' cards, all the way down to 'Priority 1' cards last.

Cards without a priority number are always active [or their effect happens whenever it needs to based on the card's effect]. Where multiple cards have the same priority, Players may decide upon the order [for their own benefit] or flip the chance coin.

Priority effects only effects other cards which are played after it - e.g. if the Dragon plays the 'Anti-Magic Bubble' card and a Player plays the 'Lightning Bolt' card - the Player card can be played first [as both have priority 7] and so is not stopped by the 'Anti-Magic Bubble', but other Player spells with lower priority would be stopped.

+ The game is too easy or hard for me - how can I change the difficulty?

Pixel Clash is pretty flexible - if you want to increase the challenge:

  • You can reduce the starting number of Dragon Action cards.
  • You can increase the starting HP of the Dragon.
  • You can decrease your team count [try playing alone or just with 2 Player cards].

If you want to make things easier:

  • You can increase the starting number of Dragon Action cards [giving you more turns to defeat the Dragon].
  • You can decrease the starting HP of the Dragon
  • You can increase your team count [invite other people to Play, or control multiple Player cards yourself].
  • You can select one of the weaker Dragons; the Red and Blue Dragons in particular are the easiest to defeat.
  • You can put a cap on the number of Minions [if a Minion is active, don't allow more to be drawn].

+ Do you deliver to my country?

Pixel Clash is available to customers in the UK, USA, Australia, Norway and EU countries through our kickstarter campaign.


We love Pixel Clash, and we're keen to help you play the game again and again - so if you're not sure about any specific rules, want to submit a question to our FAQs, or even if you just want to let us know how you feel about the game; please let us know by contacting us via email or Instagram: